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Hey everyone!

Well first of all, I apologise for starting up this blog, writing one post and then going completely AWOL on you. I started up this blog in the summer with good intentions, and then life carried me away with it. My boyfriend and I had a bit of trouble with our summer accommodation/uni accommodation and we ended up having to find a last minute flat to house us for our upcoming year at uni, whilst also falling ill at the same time. However, long story short, we then found a new flat to live in which was so much better than the previous, but my illness took a turn for the worst! I’m still struggling but I feel that I’ve grown stronger as a person as the months have gone on. Although I only feel slightly better, my determination is getting me through the days.

Since falling ill, I realised I just deserted everything that I loved doing purely because it took too much energy out of me. I won’t be able to have surgery until June, in order to not disrupt my university life, so until then I’m going to have to plod along – so why not try and re-incorporate the things that I love doing back into my life; there’s no harm in trying.

One of the first things that came to mind was starting up this blog again! I’ve always read blogs, watched vlogs and been amazed by everything fashion/beauty/lifestyle related on social media. Something that I’ve always wanted to do was start up a blog and be apart of the ‘family’. There seems something satisfying by documenting my outfits, various ways of doing my make-up and the little things in life that make me smile. Almost like a diary of some sort. But a diary that both you and I can read, smile and laugh at.

Saying all of that, please bear with me. I’ve got a couple of nice ideas to blog about and they shall all be posted shortly. If you have any ideas to help me out, please comment below – I’d love to hear from you. Trying to kickstart this blog at a hard time in my life will be a challenge, but what’s life without it’s challenges. Comment below and let me know any challenges you might be tackling too! Afterall…

*High School Musical music* WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER *High School Musical music*

…did I really just do that? I think I did.

Until next time,
Samantha xoxo


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