Today’s Forecast: Monochrome Clouds with a Little Sprinkle of Yellow Sun

Guess what?


I had two exams for my degree, which compared to other degree schemes was quite lucky. My boyfriend had two exams on a Saturday, one of which was a nasty 9:30am one. I thank my University’s ‘exam timetablers’ (is that even a word?) for mine being scheduled at a lovely 2pm. No alarms and a rested Sam, yay!

I can’t say that I feel I did wonderfully. I’ve never sat exams for a subject like Psychology before, and have never really had much practice for exams in my academic life, apart from GCSE’s really. College for me consisted of art & design subjects so exams were non-existent. As well as the fact that I felt ill for a lot of the Christmas period and also got a diagnosis for why I’ve been feeling so ill. The diagnosis was a big shocker and took a while for both my family and I to come to terms with it. Yep, you guessed it; I really didn’t feel like revising. But hey ho, as soon as I arrived back at uni after the Christmas period, I realised something had to be done and dragged myself up to the uni library every day preceding my exams. I hated it, but if I hadn’t of done that, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to answer those questions. Roll on 19th February for results…

Anyhow, when one finishes exams, one feels a strong obligation to treat themselves.Yesterday I had a little ponder around my little uni town and ended up paying visits to many shops, including Dorothy Perkins and Boots. In anticipation of a nearby night out, I opted to try on this crazy dress that literally had me hooked as soon as I walked in the shop. It was the last of its kind and also in my size. It was fate. The dress could easily be worn both casually and dressed up – it looks quite like a big t-shirt really. But I love it. There’s just something about combining yellow with monochrome at the moment – my bed clothes are currently that colour scheme too! Haha. The yellow adds a twinge of happiness to a black and white wardrobe. With all of the ‘black is the new black’ hype last year, I think that colour will become the ‘new black’ this year.

Dress // Dorothy Perkins (£24.99)
Shoes // Zara (now in the sale for £19.99 instead of £29.99! Blog post on these babies coming soon)
Along with the dress, I tried to think practically for once and bought three pairs of socks for £6 in order to keep my tootsies warm in the remainder of the winter months. How cute are they! The socks are quite thick, and I highly doubt I’ll have to double up to keep warm like I have done with all of my other socks recently. The frilly rim will add a hint of girlishness when I pair them with my new boots from Zara that I had for Christmas. I especially love the glittery ones! They will be perfect for a wintry night out. To end my spree, I chose a nice little nail varnish from Barry M in ‘Mustard’. If I remember correctly, this shade is new to their Gelly range so there should be an abundance of them stocked in your local Boots store. Within an hour of arriving home, I immediately put it on as I loved the shade that I saw in the bottle. I may or may not have painted over the top of my existing chipped nail varnish… *oops*. The finish did not disappoint my mustard yellow needs.

Until next time,
Samantha xoxo


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