Missguided Active vs. Boohoo FIT

As the majority of the blogging world may already know, two new sportswear ranges have appeared on the scene. Nope, they aren’t sister brands of Niké or Addidas – they are our two pocket-friendly faithfuls, known by us as Missguided and Boohoo. The new ranges launched within a week or so of eachother at the peak time of year for sportswear purchases; there is bound to be some healthy competition going on between these two student/affordable shopper favourites…

In an attempt at becoming a bit healthier, I instantly purchased a workout outfit from Boohoo the moment I first saw it advertised on Instagram. I was at awe with the idea that sportswear was available at a cheaper price as well as being a bit more fashionable! Although there are pretty items from the likes of Niké, as a student, their prices are FAR out of my price range. (Saying that, I do have a funky pair of Niké Freeruns – but that was a one-off… and in the sale, okay?)

Although I loved the bright prints available, I couldn’t see myself wearing them to workout as I felt the brightness would highlight all of the parts that I’m self-conscious of – maybe when I’m a bit more toned, eh? So I opted for this little monochrome number:

azz18962_grey_default_xl  azz18931_black_default_xl

CROP TOP, £8.00 // LEGGINGS, £12

However, days later, I then discovered the Missguided Active range. Although slightly annoyed that I had just purchased from Boohoo without realising that a few days later I could have been blessed with even more choice, I just had to check out the new range. I’m yet to purchase anything from the range – maybe next month as I’m living on a student budget afterall! As a regular to Missguided, I was so overjoyed by this little addition to their online shop. I’ve purchased from Boohoo in the past but always felt that the clothes weren’t as good a quality as Missguided. #MissguideForever

I wore the little monochrome outfit from Boohoo the other night for a run along the seafront with my boyfriend. It fitted perfectly and wasn’t of any annoyance whilst working out so I would recommend it! However, time will tell when it comes down to quality. I’ll probably see how this outfit goes before I purchase any more outfits as I’m a little sceptical, but hey, for a cheaper price, beggars can’t be choosers!

Personally though, if I hadn’t of purchased already from Boohoo, I probably would have purchased from Missguided first. Missguided’s pieces appear better quality in the images and I can vouch for their quality from past purchases. As well as quality, the Active range supports more subtle but just as crazy patterns as Boohoo FIT, however they are darker prints which would be much more slimming on all of the lumps and bumps. With that said, the Boohoo FIT range appears to be around £2-£3 cheaper per item. It really depends on what you’re after!

Here are my top picks from the Missguided Active range:

 b1105147_look_07_037a b1108483_look_26_014a b1108814_look_07_009a

SPORTS BRA, £10.00 // VEST, £14 // LEGGINGS, £15

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6 thoughts on “Missguided Active vs. Boohoo FIT

  1. I did the same thing and bought from Boohoo before I was even aware of Missguideds range! I like what I bought as you do get good value for money but I’m finding that they aren’t really suitable for intense gym workouts as the material isn’t breathable. In terms of style though they look great! xx



  2. Thanks for sharing this post, I was trying to find a place where I could get some cool, breathable training gear! Keep up the good work girlfriend! xxx


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