Midday Coffee

Today, my parents decided to hop on a train this morning from the West Midlands, England, all the way to Wales where I’m studying at uni. The whole journey is around three hours long (bless my parents!) so we only had a few hours together, but I treasured every moment that I got to spend with them. It was such a lovely day that I just wanted to make a short post about it, to document this nice day as it isn’t very often that I get to spend time with both of my parents.

The majority of the day we stayed warm in my seafront flat, admiring the crashing of the waves against the promenade and listening to the wind whistle behind closed windows. It was great just being able to talk to my parents and catch up on the world back home. For lunch, we decided to pay a visit to Costa in town – my mom and mine’s tradition whenever we go out together for the day. Luckily, the Costa where I’m at uni is still offering the Christmas speciality drinks so without hesitation, I ordered the White Hot Chocolate. Over the Christmas period, I made it my aim to try all of the different hot chocolates, however I felt a bit gutted when I realised that Christmas was over and that I hadn’t tried the White Hot Chocolate yet. To my luck, today was the day! And it really didn’t disappoint. I think I prefer it over regular hot chocolate. If you’re not a fan of very sweet things, then I would recommend getting a regular hot chocolate as this one was super duper sweet. Just how I like it! Also, lets just take one moment to appreciate how great these cocoa dustings are. I mean… a frog?! How cool.

Right now, I’m relaxing with Jack, listening to him cover ‘Royals’ by Lorde on his guitar and writing this blog post – a lovely end to a lovely day. I’ll leave you all with some of Jack’s music below, to listen to if you’re not heading out into the cold tonight.

Hope you’re all enjoying the first full day of your weekend! Happy Saturday.


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