I’m Blue

No, don’t worry, I’m not feeling down in the dumps like the title of this post may allude to – in fact, I’m feeling quite the opposite. I’m feeling inspired and content. As the weather has been a little more promising where I am the past week, I decided to bring out the tights. In my little stash of tights, I found this pair. These tights were from Accessorize a couple of months back, but I believe they are still in the shops! Other than the beautiful navy colour, one of the best things about this pair of 90 denier tights is that they are probably the comfiest pair I’ve ever worn. I put this down to the fact that they are part of a collaboration between Emilio Cavallini, an Italian fashion designer famous for his hoisery collections, and Accessorize. Emilio knows his tights. At a highstreet price tag of £6, I definitely think they are worth a purchase for that little bit of luxury everyday.


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