Bootie Call

Zara boots
Zara, ยฃ19-25 [last season, but there are probably similar ones now]

If there was one item that I have worn constantly throughout the Winter, it would be these boots from Zara. I got my first pair from my parents for Christmas. I loved them so much that I couldn’t resist buying another pair in a different colour when I came across them in the Zara sale, following the festive period. And I really don’t regret it. I’ll probably end up wearing them well in the warmer seasons.

Unlike most boots, these cute patent ankle boots have a flexible heel so they don’t rub when you walk! A lot of ankle boots I have worn in the past have dug into my leg because the material was so hard that it rubbed a lot. These boots also have a bit of a heel, adding length to your legs without making you feel like you may fall over any second when walking. As I live in a little hilly Welsh town, high heeled footwear isn’t the most appropriate, but these are perfect – even with my big trek up to uni! It doesn’t stop there though, they also go with any outfit you can think of (just maybe not a skimpy bikini). Dresses, leggings, skinny jeans – you name it; I’ve done it in these boots. I love wearing the burgundy boots for a bit of a trendy colour clash on a night out, and the black ones for daytime sleekness. For extra winter warmth, I added little frilly socks over tights under these boots and I was good to go!

The only thing that was a bit annoying was, like Dr Martens, these booties needed considerable breaking in! Although the heels are flexible, the rest of the boot is very sturdy, providing great support whilst walking. I would rather take my time to break in a great pair of shoes, then go immediately prancing around in shoes that were just no good for my feet. The great thing is though, these Zara boots were just a fraction of the price of Dr Martens!


10 thoughts on “Bootie Call

    1. Thank you! Nothing a few blister plasters couldn’t handle ๐Ÿ™‚ although I found that on the second pair, wearing some big bed socks and putting the hairdryer over them lightly help soften them a little! X


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