Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation Review

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundatiom

Last spring (yes, this foundation has lasted me this long) whilst on a little shopping trip, my mom and I came across the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams. I had been lusting over the Naked palettes for such a long time that I couldn’t help but have a little peek at what was on sale. The lady at the counter asked if I would like her to give me a makeover, nervously I said yes. I’d never had a makeover before… apart from at sleepovers, you know the drill haha. The lady asked if there were any products I’d got my eye on, and like many other beauty bloggers out there, the Naked palettes were definitely top of my list. However, what sold my mom and I the most was the foundation that she ever so beautifully applied. I had to purchase it. 

The Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation sat seamlessly on my skin and gave it a nice and natural dewy glow. Perfect for the daytime and looking glam in the evening. Weirdly, to me, the foundation smelt really nice too haha. I’ve now finished the whole entire bottle (this has never happened to me before) and I’m proud to announce that it has served me well. The foundation is pretty much foolproof; it does indeed look like your skin but better, so it has proved great for those mornings when you wanted to spend a little bit longer in bed, but look as fabulous as if you had actually gotten up when your alarm had gone off. The illuminating particles also made it perfect for those days when you’ve got a bad hangover case on your hands, as the particles will reflect the light off your skin and make it look as though you’ve had a wonderful 8 hours of beauty sleep. #norestforthewicked

The foundation may need a little touching up throughout the day as the staying power isn’t brilliant (but the use of a primer and a little powder helps), and the price isn’t the most budget friendly at £27, but I found it was worth the money and the little afternoon touch-up. And hey, it lasted me ages too – a little goes a long way. When I’m blessed with a little more money in the bank account, I will definitely be repurchasing.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? What did you guys think?


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