Monday Motivation via Pinterest

Top picks from Pinterest

1. The good old white t-shirt and blue wash denim jeans combo… with a twist. I’ve never worn ripped denim before, despite the mighty trend it has become recently. With bad circulation, for me, trying to stay warm is bad as it is with fully clothed knees. However, this photograph has inspired me to jump on the bandwagon. Now that it’s transitioning more into Spring weather and the sun is making appearances, I feel my next move may be purchasing a pair, preferably a blue wash rather than black. Warmer months are all about colour, right?

2. Verona, Italy. Although this year I will not be travelling afar due to the fact I will be undergoing surgery on my heart at the start of this Summer, however there is nothing to stop me travelling the world from the comfort of my own bed on my best friend, Isaac the iPad (did I really just anthromorphise my iPad?) Top of my travel list is Italy at the moment and Pinterest is the best app for finding all of the country’s hidden gems. 

3. At this point in time, healthy eating is crucial. I’ve found now more than ever that if I eat badly, my body will react to it and I’ll be down spiralled into a nasty darkness. Not literally of course, but you know what I mean. Pinterest in the meantime has came to my rescue and broadened my horizons in the food department. I’m yet to try this Quinoa breakfast bowl but darn it looks tasty!

4. Grey hair. Embrace those grey hairs. With bleached blonde hair at the moment, this look just seems so tempting. I really want to branch out hair colour wise. I’ve been a variant of blonde all of my life, apart from a half of a year stint last year when I decided to take the plunge and dye my dark brown, like my mother and sister’s. Other than that, I haven’t been very adventurous in the hair department. With my 20th birthday approaching, I really want to start my twenties doing things I would never of thought I had the courage to do.

Do you have a favourite pair of ripped jeans? What location is top of your travel list? Do you have any favourite healthy recipes to share? What wild hair colour is your favourite and which should I take the plunge with next?!

Happy Monday, everyone! x


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation via Pinterest

    1. Its honestly not hard at all! Just get an account, search for something that you’d like inspiration for, such as recipes or clothing then a lot of posts will appear. You don’t really have to do anything apart from look through your search results and feel inspired; you could just leave it at that. However, I like to share (‘pin’) my findings on my own boards too so people that are following me can find them easier. 🙂 x


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