And so, Cinderella went to the ball…

Last week as quite a big week for myself! I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends which was incredibly fun! We pulled on our wellies and artfully decorated our faces with face paints, our bodies with fake tattoos, and our hair with amazing shades of mint green and lilac (thank you, Claire’s Accessories!) as a part of my festival themed birthday party and then drank ourselves into the night. It was fantastic. My best friend, Grace even made me a cake! However, besides the dressing up, having a mixture of my friendship groups all in one room felt wonderful. Moreover, the night saw myself spending some quality time with an old friend who I hadn’t spent time with in quite a while, as well as another old friend from college who travelled miles and miles to celebrate my big day. Goodbye teen years, hello twenties!

20th birthday cake

birthday fashion

Eye spy with my little eye, a Lana from Blue Hill Space and a pretty in gold, Fran!

T-SHIRT // missguided

NECKLACE // missguided

FACE PAINT // poundland

COLOURED HAIR SPRAY + SKIN GEMS // claire’s accessories

 What’s more, is last Friday, my university held their annual summer ball, and so off I went, dressed up and looking all fancy. My original plan, however, was to wear a beautiful red dress from Virgo’s Lounge which Jack had kindly gifted me for my birthday a few days previous. Unfortunately, the heavens decide to open on that particular day, and rain constantly poured down. I just could not bring myself to wear it and potentially fall over, smother mud all over it and rip it to shreds (yeah, my brain likes to think the worst and exaggerate things!) haha. Luckily, Grace came to the rescue and offered me a little black dress of her’s, along with a cute little necklace to pull it all together. I managed to get away with wearing my original heels that I planned for my first outfit and the earrings, phew. Although a bit dramatic, I loved my final outfit – I felt very 1920-esque, especially with Jack by my side in his little bow tie. There’s always next year for that gorgeous red dress I suppose!


 Grace and I.

DRESS // grace’s

NECKLACE // grace’s

EARRINGS // accessorize

CLUTCH // accessorize

… and now back to revision with days and nights at the library 😦



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