Sorry for being away for so long, but I’m happy to inform you all that I should be posting more frequently again now as everything has started to settle. My room at home has made a dramatic transformation in the past week and guess what, I actually have furniture now, haha. So yes, a big thumbs up and shout out to the ‘rents who have worked tremendously hard on making my new bedroom a lovely and relaxed sanctuary for me to enjoy this summer whilst I’m home.

In other news, my boyfriend visited me last week for a few days which was a nice change to me travelling up to see him, which I have done quite a lot recently as his schedule has been a lot busier than mine (well done, Jack, you’re doing amazingly well!) Luckily, the weather ended up being rather beautiful for England’s standards and we decided to embark on a spontaneous day trip together, just me and him. And so, off we went, to Bewdley; a quaint and historic town, not too far of a journey from me.


Bewdley Station image image image image image image image


Here are a few snapshots from one part of our day. Whilst in Bewdley we ventured to the train station, where we explored the mid-1900’s-esque vibes that it encapsulated and watched a few steam trains pull into the station. I’d never witnessed a stream train in action before and I was pretty speechless. There’s something romantic about watching a steam train in action compared to today’s modern trains.

If you’re in the West Midlands area, I’d definitely recommend you pay a visit, especially if you love revisiting aspects of the past. Have you ever been to Bewdley Station before? Let me know if you share our love of steamtrains too!


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