Recently, I was looking at old photographs from the past and stumbled across a photograph from when I was 13. I was struck by my appearance – it shocked me at how much I’d changed, and got me thinking about the ‘phase’ I was going through at that period of time. I remember it quite vividly, so I thought I’d share some of the more memorable, and perhaps embarrassing moments that a few of you out there could relate to. I’m pretty sure  we all had ‘that’ oddball phase… haha.

1. Wearing little girl hair clips from Claire’s Accessories was an everyday necessity…

2. …To hold in place that hefty thick fringe with an extreme side parting.

3. Buying a crazy amount of 79p plastic combs to endure the EXTREME levels of backcombing hair.

4. Everyday wardrobe consisted of skinny jeans with a leather belt, a black vest and brightly patterned jacket.

5. The leather belt HAD to be studded, and just HAD to be worn very loose in order for it to hang below your bum.

6. The main goal was to own the entire range of coloured eyeliner pencils from Barry M, as well as every colour nail varnish. Barry M was the perfect cheap way to express yourself in a multitude of colours. At minimum, black eyeliner and nail varnish was a MUST.

7. Wearing skateboard brand shoes… even when you didn’t skate.

8. Panda eyes was a genuine makeup look.

9. Every new profile picture on Myspace or Bebo (yes, I went there) just wasn’t right without some obscure or sad song lyrics as a caption.

10. Moreover, the perfect profile picture was from a very high angle, and was to include a ‘rawr’ hand, whilst squeezing the majority of your body into it. Additionally, the word ‘raaaaWrRrRrr’ could be edited onto the picture for extra awesomeness.

Comment below if you too can relate to some of these points and feel free to share your stories! 


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