(Midweek) Favourite Reads #1.

Although blogging may look like a vain pastime, it’s infact quite the opposite. The blogging community feels like a lovely little family. We’re all there for eachother. Your triumph is their triumph, and if you have a problem, you bet your bottom dollar that atleast one blogger will be able to actually help you. This doesn’t however ignore the fact that some bloggers can be down right spiteful. Luckily, I haven’t encountered this yet on my blog, but I have seen it before on various modes of social media. In support of the good vibes that the majority of bloggers send out, I thought I’d use this post to share with you three of my favourite blogs to read right now…



A couple of months ago, I came across this lovely girl on Twitter just as she wrote her first blog post! Now she’s got more than just that first post, and it’s blossoming wonderfully. If you love MAC lipsticks and aesthetically pleasing photographs, then you really need to check out Avi’s blog (here).


I’m pretty sure many of you already know who Polly is – Polly owns the evergrowing online shop ‘Sighh Designs’. The little shop sells a great selection of phone cases, mugs, bags, motivational stickers, and now… desk pads, all decorated with Polly’s cute illustrations. However, Polly also writes a blog (here) and that’s what I want to share with you today. My favourite posts are her gorgeous recipe posts. #foodporn.

Hayerlilyhayerlily bed


I’ve known of Hayley for a good couple of years now – and we frequently converse over Twitter. She’s very well known on social media, and for good reason. She’s such an awesome role model. She’s sweet as anything and I just absolutely love catching up with her, and so, recently I’ve been loving catching up with her via her blog (here). Hayley likes to post about what she’s been up to recently, as well as about her illustration, and topics that are very close to her heart. When you read her posts, you feel almost as if she’s talking directly to you, in a private conversation. Plus, her bedspread is just the cutest.

I’m thinking of writing blog posts like this one every now and again – let me know what you guys have thought about this post, and if you think I should do some more in the near future! 


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