H&M Home: The Bronze Age

After recently decorating my room (or rather, still in the process of…), I’ve become obsessed with looking at H&M’s home section, filled to the brim with pretty homeware, in rather flattering shades of gold, silver and bronze. However, the bronze selection has completely stolen my heart. I’m now spending ways of justifying buying the lot to distribute between my new university room come September and my room at home…

H&M Bronze Glass Box



I think this could be such a nice bit of storage for jewellery or perhaps even nail polishes.

H&M Bronze Shopper



This. It stole my heart the moment I looked at it. I can’t help but imagine myself strutting around campus with it, stuffed with books and such. So glamorous. It could also be used to hang toiletries in if you’re sharing a bathroom with other people. Just pack it full with toiletries and take it with you when you need a shower instead of piling yourself high with products, which end up falling out of your arms half way to the bathroom…

H&M Metal Cut-out Box



Now, I know this isn’t bronze – it’s gold, but I just had to throw it in here. It’s almost bronze, right? More so than silver anyway. I really can’t decide between this box and the first one I mentioned. This one is cheaper and has a bit more of an interesting pattern. Maybe I’ll just buy both…

H&M Bronze Small Wire Basket



Again, this basket would be great for loose toiletries that don’t have a home, or for storing blankets perhaps.

Are you loving the bronze too? What will you be buying from H&M at the moment? Time to get shopping over the weekend!


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