Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

Recently, vitamin moisturisers have been all the rage in the beauty department. It’s all about that Vitamin E/C life, especially with The Body Shop’s new Vitamin C range which was released earlier this year, which claims to increase your natural glow without looking greasy. Although The Body Shop is a bit more affordable than the likes of Institut Esthederm, REN or SkinChemists, at £16, it’s sadly a little too much for my student budget. However, I present to you a cheaper alternative that should hopefully not make too much of a dent in your bank balance…

Boots’ own – Vitamin E moisture lotion, at only £2.89 for 100ml of product, which is crazy when you come to realise that The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser comes in at £16.00 for only 50ml. You could buy the Boots’ moisturiser five (and a half) times before you spent the amount that you would on buying The Body Shop one… or you could buy the Boots moisturiser and then go and treat yourself to a ‘cheeky’ Nandos if you’re that way inclined.

The price difference is obvious. However, obviously I’m not the right person to ask if this cheaper alternative is better than it’s more expensive counterparts as I’ve never purchased them to try. What I can say is, is that for £2.89, it gives me a gorgeous glow which is perfect as a make-up base, but it also gives me the confidence to go about my day without make-up. If you’re feeling that your skin is looking a little dull, this is great. My skin is more on the normal/dry side of the spectrum, so if you’ve got oily skin, this one might not be for you. However, to me, this moisturiser is nice and light, gives me a nice glow minus the oiliness. It also boasts SPF 15 to give your skin that little bit of extra protection from the sun.

Have you tried this moisturiser, or have you tried any more expensive versions? What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “THE £2.89 VITAMIN E MOISTURISER

  1. Sounds like a good moisturiser if it makes you want to walk around with no makeup on! I have tons of moisturisers that I have to finish. Now I am using the body shop vitamin E sorbet thing. Way too expensive, because I do not like it. Lucky enough, I have to use it one more time before it’s finished! Yay!


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