MAC Spice lipliner and Taupe lipstick

After watching Poppy Rawson’s latest MAC lipstick collection video, as well as Avi’s blogpost about her favourite MAC lipsticks, I was convinced that I needed to invest in one. I fell in love with the likes of Honey Love, Amorous, Ruby Woo and Taupe – however, once I ended up at the MAC counter in Debenhams, I decided to opt for one that I could wear, day-to-day, as a part of my signature everyday look… and so, along came Taupe, served with a pricey additional side of Spice lipliner (the girl at the counter was so lovely, I just couldn’t say no!). After wearing this combination for two weeks on the trot, I’m now deeply convinced that I want more. And more…

MAC Spice lipliner and Taupe lipstick swatches

[RIGHT] MAC Taupe is a brilliant nude, which on me, looks quite dark and bold in contrast against my pale skin, with a hint of pink in amongst the brown – which I love. Despite it being on the dark side, I still find the colour very wearable, especially with it’s amazing matte finish, great pigmentation, and durability. Besides, dark lips are all the rage at this time of the year. Got to love A/W.

[LEFT] When combined with the MAC Spice lipliner, it brings a warmer, browner (is that even a word?) colour to the lips of which I quite like. I’ve found Spice to be very complimentary to Taupe when it comes to enhancing the shape of your lips, without going too bold. I’m not too clued up on which lipliners are best for which shade as this is all fairly new territory for me, but the girl at the counter recommended Spice to me and I don’t regret it one bit!

So far, I’ve tried both colouring my entire lips in with Spice and topping it off with a coat of Taupe, as well as just using Spice to outline them with Taupe filling in the gaps. Either way I’ve loved the combination of the two products.

Have you tried any MAC lipsticks? What is your favourite everyday lip combination? WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET NEXT?!


MAC Spice lipliner £12.50

MAC Taupe lipstick £15.50



  1. My favourite is Viva Glam 3 or DIVA together with the Vino liner! It is very dark (brown-reddish)! I can’t seem to find something natural for ‘everyday’. I want a ‘my own lips but better’ colour. Think I need to get some advice there at MAC!


  2. Haha congratulations! I’ve never seen the taupe lipstick, it looks beautiful! I might check it out when I’m next in town, always looking to add to the collection. Poor wallet!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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