Hey guys,

As most of you might know, since January I’ve been embarking on a challenge to become a better and healthier version of myself, after two years of sluggish living due to illness and therefore severe self-confidence issues. The past few months have been pretty up and down as far as results are concerned, but overall I feel a lot better for my actions. In January, I joined the gym and I have since been going pretty regularly, at least twice a week (or more) for the majority. My diet however has been showing more of a yo-yo effect; with university nights out, lots of birthday cake, and stress-related binges with the boyfriend. However, I’ve found a workout guide that I’m going to be using for the next 12 weeks to help motivate me and push me through this period of unstable progress. 6 weeks into this challenge will mark my 21st birthday so hopefully I’ll have something to show for my effort by then!

The workout guide in question is in fact Kayla Istines’s (Instagram sensation) Bikini Body Guide, also known on Instagram as #bbg. The guide lasts for 12 weeks and each week the guide will take you through two compulsory workouts: one legs workout and one abs & arm workout; and one compulsory stretching routine. Along with this, the guide recommends during the first four weeks to complete 2-3 ‘LISS’ workouts, which is basically a workout of low intensity such as power walking for around a duration of 35-45 minutes. There is also another full body workout that you can do but that is optional.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photographs at the start of my week for my before photographs however I’ve managed to find a reasonable front and profile view of my body from a few weeks ago in my boyfriend’s messy bathroom (student living eh), and I really don’t think I’ve changed that much since so it’s still valid. I also haven’t tracked my progress for a few weeks as I’ve been ill but the last time I checked I was 12st 8lbs (I’m 5″7/8) so we’ll use that as my approximate starting weight. Talk about an unorganised blogger 😉


Before picture Before picture

Not much more to comment on for this week but I’ll report back to you shortly with my first week results! Comment below if you’ve tried/followed/wanted to try the BBG and let me know your thoughts!

Happy Easter, everyone! x


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