Now, I know this post is a long time coming and quite frankly, I’m surprised at how long its taken me to get this post up here! I went to Budapest with my family in September just before the new academic year started and it’s been favourite holiday to date. The city is idyllic and so picturesque that it’s hard to imagine that Budapest is still a bustling city in the midst of all of it’s beauty.

I spent around 5 days in Budapest and I’d love to revisit the city again very soon. The weather was lovely, the people were friendly and it was just overall a very welcoming city with a lot to boot. The cost of the holiday was cheap and you could do a lot for your money which is always a bonus. However, the holiday meant a lot more to me than just absorbing the culture – Budapest provided my family and I a meeting point where we met up with my only cousin and his lovely fiancée, whom I’ve now only met a total of twice in my life. I’ve grown up only knowing my mom’s side of the family, despite my parents still in a loving marriage, because money hasn’t always been on our side. My dad’s family are of Yugoslavian descent and they continued to live their lives in Serbia following the break down of the country many, many years ago. So not only was this holiday a chance to relax and see new things, but it was also a very sentimental one.

In this post, I’ve included all of my favourite photographs from the holiday. If you’d like to hear more about particular parts of it, just comment at the bottom of this post and in the near future I’ll write more about my time there if that’s what you guys would like to read about! I figured if I put it all into one post that it might get a little too long and become rather draining, which would do no justice to the beauty of Budapest.
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