I don’t know about you but when I’ve got something excited on the horizon, I automatically jump to picturing what I’m going to wear and thinking about if there’s something nice and new I can purchase to mark the occasion. I feel like the Summer holidays are a perfect example of this. For me, I’ve recently found out I’m going to be venturing over to Berlin, Germany for mein kleiner Bruder’s (although not so little anymore) 20th birthday! Stay tuned for holiday pictures, but first and foremost, here is what I’ve been eyeing up on the interwebs… This wishlist channels more casual chic vibes with plenty splashes of rosey pink which I’ve been loving at the moment. Easy to wear colours and comfortable materials, perfect for summertime fun and city strolling.

Click on the images to take you to the item’s website


New Look Stripe Tie Waist Midi Skirt

 Recently, I’ve been absolutely love the shape of midi skirts at the moment. There really is something about only showing off your calves and ankles. Not only do you only technically have to shave one third of your legs (bonus), but you also stand less of a risk of a Marilyn Monroe moment when the UK winds pick up without any warning. I feel like the vertical stripes will be quite flattering also.


New Look Turned Up Busted Knee Jeans

 Now, I’ve never been one for anything but skinny jeans (once I was allowed to start choosing and buying my one wardrobe) as I feel like skinny jeans flatter my body shape the most. Skinny jeans accentuate my toned calves and small ankles, whilst maximising the size of my bum and helping to exaggerate my curves – big up the Skinny Jean. Skinnies aside, I’m rather shocked that I’ve been eyeing up something that isn’t quite as skin tight, which I’m definitely thinking of investing in. These ones look really relaxed with the ripped detail and look like they’ll be a bit more comfortable to wear on warmer days than my trusty skinny jean so I think I might give these a go.


Missguided Crochet Trim Crinkle Bardot Dress Nude

Blush pink. Do I need to say anymore? I love the crochet trim on this dress – it adds a romantic feel which I think is very on trend for this summer by the looks of stock on many websites that I’ve ventured on. I do however think that this colour perhaps looks best against tan skin, but a pale girl can dream. In the optimistic hope that I get the slightest tan this summer, this number is creeping towards my wardrobe just in case. If the tan never appears, well, atleast I’ll have it to look at.


Missguided Satin Pleat Front Shorts Rose Pink

Pleats I feel are very on trend this season, and so, why not pair it with the also very on trend colour of rose pink?! Genius. I love the shape of these; the high waist will accentuate my waist and make my legs look longer. Again though, the application of fake tan might just be needed.


New Look Pointed Toe Black Heel

This little pair will be a blessing on Graduation Day. I’m not graduating, but my boyfriend is (shoutout to Jack who aced his results and scored a 1st class honours overall – SO PROUD). Okay, proud girlfriend moment over, back to the shoes. The small heel will put me at less risk of falling down the many uneven steps of Aberystywth and also keep footache away for the majority of the day. Who needs footache ruining the partaaay?! Maybe Jack might read this post and feel sorry for my ankles and think, ‘you know what, I’ll treat my girl to these shoes that’ll keep her out of hospital, y’know, with my tremendous amount of money that I’m going to be earning after scoring this amazing degree result’. I kid. However, I’m still pretty tempted to purchase.

Let me know if any of you out there purchase any of these items. I’m curious to hear how you might style them. x


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