Limecrime Venus palette

Ever since I was gifted this beautiful palette by my boyfriend for Christmas, it has become an absolute staple in my everyday make-up routine. Although the colours look perhaps a bit intimidating with the red and pink hues, they are actually unbelievably wearable for everyday wear.

I tend to alternate between a full wash of Creation (top right) or Divine (the mauve brown on the bottom row) with a little bit of Icon (bottom left) to define the outer edges of my eyes and worked slightly into the crease. I always finish off with Aura (the highlighter shade in the top right) on the inner corners of my eyes and on the higher points of my brow bone. However, if I’m heading out for the night, I’ll add a little of some of the more brighter (Rebirth, bright pink in the bottom left) and deeper shades (Venus, top left) to make my brown eyes pop even further. I think the red, pink and brown¬†hues of this palette really compliment my eyes, but I’m sure that the palette would be just as complimentary with blue and green eyes also, as well as many skin tones.

Limecrime Venus palette

However, I’m weird and sometimes I use this palette on not just my eyes, but to also contour my face. When I’m staying away from home, I don’t like to take many products with me, especially if I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house, then I really don’t want to be carrying around a full make-up bag the next day at university. With a contouring brush, I use Divine (again) to contour my cheeks and under my chin, and the result is a natural looking contour rather than the muddy brown you tend to get from contouring with bronzers. To finish, I then use my finger to dab Aura, the same highlighter shade that I used on my eyes, onto the tops of my cheek bones, a little down my nose and on my cupid’s bow. No words can explain how much I love using Aura as a highlighter! Sometimes I’ll even grab a fluffy brush and dab a little of Shell (shimmery pink shade in the top left) and use it as a blusher.

I know this post is going to be received perhaps controversially due to the brand’s past, but politics aside, this little palette is one heck of a palette. It brings colour to your eyes and has an insane amount of pigmentation. I find that the colours stay on my eyes for hours, which is perfect when I have a long day/night ahead.

Have you tried the Venus palette yet? What are your favourite colour combinations?



For once, I actually remembered to take photographs of the bath bomb I was using in my weekly bath pamper session. I was gutted to find that this little bath bomb is actually my penultimate bath bomb in my collection *cry*. And so, on this particularly special occurrence, I used LUSH’s Honey Bee.

LUSH Honey Bee bath bomb

I loved the look of this bath bomb. It’s colours are so uplifting and was just what I needed as a little pick-me-up. Shame I couldn’t actually smell it though as I was really ill at this point in time, but I can tell you that the LUSH website confirms that this bath bomb does in fact smell like honey. Surprising considering the name of the bath bomb ūüėČ Either way, I absolutely love honey and honey scented things alike so I’m sure I’d still love this if I did actually possess the ability to breathe through my nostrils at the time.

LUSH Honey Bee bath bomb

Despite the fact I couldn’t enjoy the luxurious scents that LUSH usually provide in their host of bath bombs, I loved the way this one made my skin feel incredibly soft and the yellow colouring in my bathwater really took the sting out of my ill day. The sandy looking stripe around the bath bomb is actually some kind of fancy mud that is a clay mined near Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, which is apparently what gives this bath bomb the soft touch that I so desired. Another thing that I noted when climbing out of the bath was that my skin felt remarkably hydrated despite a very long soak in the bath, longer than what I normally do. Usually I feel like what I can only describe as a shrivelled prune, but my skin felt youthful even before applying moisturiser post-bath. However, I still topped up with my ever faithful Body Shop’s Mango body butter nonetheless, just in case this miracle didn’t quite last.

I’ll definitely have to repurchase this one! Have you tried Honey Bee yet?

Samantha x


Lush Bathbombs

My (not so little) brother turned 19 last month – which means presents. Not just for him, but for me too! You see, our tiny family has a tradition when it comes to birthdays. If it’s your birthday, you gift each one of your siblings a present also. We may be, more or less, entering our twenties… but alas the tradition is yet to die down. I’m happy with that. Especially if it means I get gifted gorgeous LUSH bathbombs…

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MAC Spice lipliner and Taupe lipstick

After watching Poppy Rawson’s¬†latest MAC lipstick collection video, as well as Avi’s blogpost about her favourite MAC lipsticks, I was convinced that I needed to invest in one. I fell in love with the likes of Honey Love, Amorous, Ruby Woo and Taupe – however, once I ended up at the MAC counter in Debenhams, I decided to opt for¬†one that I could wear, day-to-day, as a part of my signature everyday look… and so, along came Taupe, served with¬†a pricey additional side of¬†Spice lipliner (the girl at the counter was so lovely, I just couldn’t say no!). After wearing this combination for two weeks on the trot, I’m now deeply convinced that I want more. And more…

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Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

Recently, vitamin moisturisers have been all the rage in the beauty department. It’s all about that Vitamin E/C life, especially with The Body Shop’s new Vitamin C range which was released earlier this year, which claims to increase your natural glow without looking greasy. Although The Body Shop is a bit more affordable than the likes of¬†Institut Esthederm, REN or SkinChemists, at ¬£16, it’s sadly a little too much for my student budget. However, I present to you a cheaper alternative that should hopefully not make too much of a dent in your bank balance…

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Barry M 'Vanilla' Matte Nail Paint

Chances are, you’ve already met Barry M on the shopfloor of your local Superdrug, most likely when you were in your teen years. Of recent years, I don’t know why, but I ended up not visiting the Barry M counter very often, so when I did at the end of last year, I was pleasantly surprised by their collection of matte nail paints. Quite honestly one of the best affordable matte nail paint collections I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. There is such a vast arrange of shades that I’m sure there’s a colour for everyone… and I think this one is mine.