I don’t know about you but when I’ve got something excited on the horizon, I automatically jump to picturing what I’m going to wear and thinking about if there’s something nice and new I can purchase to mark the occasion. I feel like the Summer holidays are a perfect example of this. For me, I’ve recently found out I’m going to be venturing over to Berlin, Germany for mein kleiner Bruder’s (although not so little anymore) 20th birthday! Stay tuned for holiday pictures, but first and foremost, here is what I’ve been eyeing up on the interwebs… This wishlist channels more casual chic vibes with plenty splashes of rosey pink which I’ve been loving at the moment. Easy to wear colours and comfortable materials, perfect for summertime fun and city strolling.



And so, Cinderella went to the ball…

Last week as quite a big week for myself! I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends which was incredibly fun! We pulled on our wellies and artfully decorated our faces with face paints, our bodies with fake tattoos, and our hair with amazing shades of mint green and lilac (thank you, Claire’s Accessories!) as a part of my festival themed birthday party and then drank ourselves into the night. It was fantastic. My best friend, Grace even made me a cake! However, besides the dressing up, having a mixture of my friendship groups all in one room felt wonderful. Moreover, the night saw myself spending some quality time with an old friend who I hadn’t spent time with in quite a while, as well as another old friend from college who travelled miles and miles to celebrate my big day. Goodbye teen years, hello twenties!

20th birthday cake

birthday fashion

Eye spy with my little eye, a Lana from Blue Hill Space and a pretty in gold, Fran!

T-SHIRT // missguided

NECKLACE // missguided

FACE PAINT // poundland

COLOURED HAIR SPRAY + SKIN GEMS // claire’s accessories

 What’s more, is last Friday, my university held their annual summer ball, and so off I went, dressed up and looking all fancy. My original plan, however, was to wear a beautiful red dress from Virgo’s Lounge which Jack had kindly gifted me for my birthday a few days previous. Unfortunately, the heavens decide to open on that particular day, and rain constantly poured down. I just could not bring myself to wear it and potentially fall over, smother mud all over it and rip it to shreds (yeah, my brain likes to think the worst and exaggerate things!) haha. Luckily, Grace came to the rescue and offered me a little black dress of her’s, along with a cute little necklace to pull it all together. I managed to get away with wearing my original heels that I planned for my first outfit and the earrings, phew. Although a bit dramatic, I loved my final outfit – I felt very 1920-esque, especially with Jack by my side in his little bow tie. There’s always next year for that gorgeous red dress I suppose!


 Grace and I.

DRESS // grace’s

NECKLACE // grace’s

EARRINGS // accessorize

CLUTCH // accessorize

… and now back to revision with days and nights at the library 😦


Monday Motivation via Pinterest

Top picks from Pinterest

1. The good old white t-shirt and blue wash denim jeans combo… with a twist. I’ve never worn ripped denim before, despite the mighty trend it has become recently. With bad circulation, for me, trying to stay warm is bad as it is with fully clothed knees. However, this photograph has inspired me to jump on the bandwagon. Now that it’s transitioning more into Spring weather and the sun is making appearances, I feel my next move may be purchasing a pair, preferably a blue wash rather than black. Warmer months are all about colour, right?

2. Verona, Italy. Although this year I will not be travelling afar due to the fact I will be undergoing surgery on my heart at the start of this Summer, however there is nothing to stop me travelling the world from the comfort of my own bed on my best friend, Isaac the iPad (did I really just anthromorphise my iPad?) Top of my travel list is Italy at the moment and Pinterest is the best app for finding all of the country’s hidden gems. 

3. At this point in time, healthy eating is crucial. I’ve found now more than ever that if I eat badly, my body will react to it and I’ll be down spiralled into a nasty darkness. Not literally of course, but you know what I mean. Pinterest in the meantime has came to my rescue and broadened my horizons in the food department. I’m yet to try this Quinoa breakfast bowl but darn it looks tasty!

4. Grey hair. Embrace those grey hairs. With bleached blonde hair at the moment, this look just seems so tempting. I really want to branch out hair colour wise. I’ve been a variant of blonde all of my life, apart from a half of a year stint last year when I decided to take the plunge and dye my dark brown, like my mother and sister’s. Other than that, I haven’t been very adventurous in the hair department. With my 20th birthday approaching, I really want to start my twenties doing things I would never of thought I had the courage to do.

Do you have a favourite pair of ripped jeans? What location is top of your travel list? Do you have any favourite healthy recipes to share? What wild hair colour is your favourite and which should I take the plunge with next?!

Happy Monday, everyone! x

ASOS Outlet: My Top Sale Picks

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a little off the radar. Had a bit of a hectic past few weeks, but bear with me, I’ve always got something up my sleeves for this blog so make sure to stay tuned. Anyhow, I was online window-shopping (yes, that’s a thing in my world, does anyone else like to pass the time away this way?) and stumbled across the ASOS Outlet. It was beautiful. And here are my top picks!

Liquorish Black Crochet Detail Kaftan - ASOSLiquorish Tie Dye Maxi Dress with Racerback Detail, ASOSSeekers Bandeau Bikini SetRock & Religion Oversized Organza Cropped Top, ASOSBrave Soul Printed Loose Fit Sun Dress, ASOSTruffle Collection Zada Gladiator Heeled Sandals, ASOS

1. Liquorish Black Crochet Detail Kaftan, £65 £30, link.

2. Liquorish Tie Dye Maxi Dress with Racerback Detail, £64 £32, link.

3. Seekers Bandeau Bikini Set, £55 £22, link.

4. Rock & Religion Oversized Organza Cropped Top,  £28 £15, link.

5. Brave Soul Printed Loose Fit Sun Dress, £25 £16, link.

6. Truffle Collection Zada Gladiator Heeled Sandals, £45 £30, link.

Bootie Call

Zara boots
Zara, £19-25 [last season, but there are probably similar ones now]

If there was one item that I have worn constantly throughout the Winter, it would be these boots from Zara. I got my first pair from my parents for Christmas. I loved them so much that I couldn’t resist buying another pair in a different colour when I came across them in the Zara sale, following the festive period. And I really don’t regret it. I’ll probably end up wearing them well in the warmer seasons.

Unlike most boots, these cute patent ankle boots have a flexible heel so they don’t rub when you walk! A lot of ankle boots I have worn in the past have dug into my leg because the material was so hard that it rubbed a lot. These boots also have a bit of a heel, adding length to your legs without making you feel like you may fall over any second when walking. As I live in a little hilly Welsh town, high heeled footwear isn’t the most appropriate, but these are perfect – even with my big trek up to uni! It doesn’t stop there though, they also go with any outfit you can think of (just maybe not a skimpy bikini). Dresses, leggings, skinny jeans – you name it; I’ve done it in these boots. I love wearing the burgundy boots for a bit of a trendy colour clash on a night out, and the black ones for daytime sleekness. For extra winter warmth, I added little frilly socks over tights under these boots and I was good to go!

The only thing that was a bit annoying was, like Dr Martens, these booties needed considerable breaking in! Although the heels are flexible, the rest of the boot is very sturdy, providing great support whilst walking. I would rather take my time to break in a great pair of shoes, then go immediately prancing around in shoes that were just no good for my feet. The great thing is though, these Zara boots were just a fraction of the price of Dr Martens!

I’m Blue

No, don’t worry, I’m not feeling down in the dumps like the title of this post may allude to – in fact, I’m feeling quite the opposite. I’m feeling inspired and content. As the weather has been a little more promising where I am the past week, I decided to bring out the tights. In my little stash of tights, I found this pair. These tights were from Accessorize a couple of months back, but I believe they are still in the shops! Other than the beautiful navy colour, one of the best things about this pair of 90 denier tights is that they are probably the comfiest pair I’ve ever worn. I put this down to the fact that they are part of a collaboration between Emilio Cavallini, an Italian fashion designer famous for his hoisery collections, and Accessorize. Emilio knows his tights. At a highstreet price tag of £6, I definitely think they are worth a purchase for that little bit of luxury everyday.